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To the movers/dancers/actors:

Being a mover, martial artist, dancer or actor can be very rewarding but at the same time it is a very tough profession with obviously a lot of psycho-physical demand often within a very closed and tight “corset” or frame of tradition/style/form/mindset.
However the „moving world“ is opening up to out-of-the-box approaches and techniques and in the last ten years unconventional and more holistic and interdisciplinary methods/intensives/workshops are becoming more popular than ever (fighting monkey practice, CI and its fusions, play-fight, animal moves, ancestral movement, psychophysical acting, martial art fusions, etc.)

Yet besides these really great developments it seems they are all missing out on a very essential aspect which The Music Way addresses methodically. A link that has a deep inseparable evolutionary connection to all motion-based practices: The connection of motion and active(!) music making and perception.

Its potential is huge and completely underestimated by most movers, even if they incorporate music somehow, they still miss the experience from professional musicians that also know the motion-practices from the inside on how to incorporate it most efficiently and actively in their practices/trainings and how to play and improvise intuitively with it.

With The Music Way we will look at the prehistoric and scientific evidence that highlights this connection in order to fully understand this relation. Then we will apply this knowledge practically, research and experience the transformative and transcendental power that this combination bears. We will pass through different consciousness structures with sound, silence, movement and stillness, exploring an unknown world of multisensory perception and authentic expression.

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