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To the people with no musical experience

As a human being we have a natural and deep evolutionary connection to music and 90% of the society states to be a passionate music listener and that a life without music is impossible to imagine. Music is found in all cultures around the world with no single exception. Still many of us regret and pity not playing any instruments or singing, defining themselves as being “not musical”.

“The Music Way” believes to prove the opposite and shows that every single human being is per definition musical and even more so, that it is essential for our well-being, happiness and cognitive development to actively participate in music making. 

We will look at the prehistoric and neurological role of music making and its connection to our body and physical movement and understand the mindset and perception of professional musicians.  

With this knowledge we will then practically learn how to play in a group with (simple) instruments (or our own) and sing together without any experience whatsoever needed. Always keeping in mind, the inseparable connection between music and movement. 

We will get in touch with our personal voice and feel the pleasure and psychophysical benefits of it.  

We will feel the ancient power of rhythm in a group. 

We will explore and research the cognitive challenges and neurological rewards of playing an instrument, making music and synchronised movements in a group. 

And eventually we will learn during the whole process about group dynamics, (non-verbal) communication, authentic expression and consciousness structures. 

With The Music Way you can find your access to active music making in the most natural way. 

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