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The business world is all about efficiency, commitment, performance, deadlines, numbers, data, etc. These can be very positive and create a thriving and motivating environment and push ourselves to great achievements. But it can also become very easily one-sided, exhausting, extremely stress-full, conflictive, anti-creative and lead to big challenges on how to handle inter-human communication, group dynamics and leading/following.

As Albert Einstein already stated: ‘Problems cannot be solved with the same mind-set that created them.’

This is exactly why The Music Way provides a unique and effective approach on how to deal with these challenges. In an ever renewing and innovating business market, we cannot fall behind sticking only to conventional and traditional tools of change management and crisis intervention.

As professional musicians and movers our way to communicate and express (non-verbally) – when playing in a band, improvising with each other on the spot, following/leading and dealing with mistakes/misunderstandings constructively – is a very different one than present in the business world.

However, as our experience has shown, these principles can be transferred perfectly onto corporate contexts and even address and help solving very concrete issues inside a certain organisation that otherwise might never get touched.

In the workshops we will take a look at all the scientific facts about the benefits of music & movement on every level relevant for corporations. Then we will actively experience these different approaches through music making and physical movements as a group.

We will find an out-of-the-box and creative access to deal with real-life problems and at the same time create a unique and motivating teambuilding experience that brings sustainable inspiration on a personal and collective level.

No musical or physical experience is needed.

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